Gymnastics Equipment | Swift Movement
Zebra Print IPhone Cover
Price - NZD $30
Fits iPhone® 4 and 4S.
Colour  Zebra Print
Available Sizes One Size
5" Terry Wristband
Price - NZD 11.00
5" Terry Wristband. These stretch terry wristbands protect your wrists when using grips. Sold in pairs.
Colour  Black
Available Sizes One Size Fits All
Reisport Mens Ring Grip - Velcro
Price - NZD 95.00
The Reisport men's gymnastics ring grip is constructed with two finger holes and a large rubber dowel. Available with a velcro wrist closure.
Colour: As Shown
Available Sizes:  2 (Medium) & 3 (Large)
Tiger Paw Wrist Support
Price - NZD 95.00
Designed to help prevent dorsal hyper-flexion, the Tiger Paw Wrist Support has a replaceable foam pad. To increase the levels of support, extra plastic battens may be inserted in the Velcro pocket.
Colour: As Shown.  
Available Sizes: Large (150 - 210 lbs.)(68kg – 95kg).
gibson wrist saver large
Gibson Wrist Saver
Price - NZD $35.00
Protect your wrists and arms from rips and cuts caused by your gymnastics grips, with the Gibson Wrist Saver. Constructed of 1/4" high-grade neoprene, with a plush terry-cloth lining. The long shape is tapered to fit snugly with a glued tape seam, for a smooth finish. Can be easily trimmed for a custom length. Available in four sizes.
Colour Black.
Available Sizes  Large (6 1/2" - 7 1/2")
Velcro Hand Grips
Price - NZD 26.00
Soft suede hand grips with Velcro closures. Great for preventing Blistering/Tearing on Bars.
Colour: See available colours in sizes
Available Sizes: X-Small Black & X-LGE Black ONLY